[ krak-uhl ]
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verb (used without object),crack·led, crack·ling.
  1. to make slight, sudden, sharp noises, rapidly repeated.

  2. to form a network of fine cracks on the surface.

  1. (of ceramic glaze) to craze.

  2. to exhibit liveliness, vibrancy, anticipation, etc.: The play crackled with wit.

verb (used with object),crack·led, crack·ling.
  1. to cause to crackle.

  2. to break with a crackling noise.

  1. to craze (ceramic glaze).

  1. the act of crackling.

  2. a crackling noise.

  1. a network of fine cracks, as in the glaze of some kinds of porcelain.

Origin of crackle

First recorded in 1490–1500; crack + -le

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How to use crackle in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for crackle


/ (ˈkrækəl) /

  1. to make or cause to make a series of slight sharp noises, as of paper being crushed or of a wood fire burning

  2. (tr) to decorate (porcelain or pottery) by causing a fine network of cracks to appear in the glaze

  1. (intr) to abound in vivacity or energy

  1. the act or sound of crackling

  2. intentional crazing in the glaze of a piece of porcelain or pottery

  1. Also called: crackleware porcelain or pottery so decorated

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