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[ kroo-ner ]


  1. a popular singer who sings in an evenly modulated, slightly exaggerated manner:

    He was the kind of soulful, rockabilly-influenced crooner you might catch playing a place like the Liquor Lounge, and he reminded me of both Sinatra and Elvis.

  2. someone who sings:

    In karaoke, even the least talented crooner has a chance to aim for that big moment in the spotlight.

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Example Sentences

Frank Sinatra began his career as a heartthrob crooner, swaying at the mic like a willow embraced by the wind.

From Time

Yet, oil spills, garbage, noise pollution, boats, and overfishing all threaten these shy whales, keeping the colossal crooners classified as endangered.

At just 18, the crooner has millions of people—mostly young girls—clamoring to know more about his life story.

And things seemed fine between the couple, with the crooner appearing sober and healthier-looking, with a new crew cut.

Now Nick Jonas, freshly 22 years old and leaving his days as a mommy-approved Jonas Brothers crooner behind, is following suit.

From fighting Nazis to marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. to singing with Lady Gaga, the crooner has done it all.

Imma let you finish, One Direction, but JT is still the most charismatic crooner in the game.

Briefly the crooner's voice wavered, the notes of the violins hesitated, but no one noticed.

From 191a loudspeaker on the reception desk came the voice of a world-famous crooner which Helen recognized instantly.

At the back was a large orchestra, while up to the front of the stage the famous crooner was singing into a “mike.”

A name given to the crooner, crowner, or gray gurnard (Trigla gurnardus).

Let the froddering crooner cry,And the braddled sapster sing.


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