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[ kraws-wahyz, kros- ]


  1. across; transversely.
  2. Archaic. in the form of a cross.


  1. forming a cross; transverse.


/ ˈkrɒsˌwaɪz; ˈkrɒsˌweɪz /


  1. across; transversely
  2. in the shape of a cross

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Word History and Origins

Origin of crosswise1

1350–1400; Middle English a cross wise in the form of a cross. See a- 1, cross, wise 2

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Example Sentences

Slice each breast crosswise and on the diagonal and transfer the tidy slices to a warm platter.

Rinse the sausages and peel off the casings if they are loose, then chop the sausages crosswise into ½-inch pieces.

From Eater

Cut the phyllo in half crosswise to make two (7 × 8½-inch) rectangles.

Using a mandoline or other vegetable slicer, shave the fennel crosswise into 1/3-inch-thick slices.

It was going directly toward the farmhouse, standing in the current, while the little boat was cutting it crosswise.

Panels may be woven either length-wise (step 8), crosswise (step 8), diagonally across the mat (step 4), or in zigzags (step 3).

As regards the winds from the north and south, they strike the rocks crosswise, and cause little surf in the passage.

The grain of the outside veneer runs lengthwise, while that of the inside piece runs crosswise.

In the meantime I had found a long stake, which I hung crosswise round his neck, and let him go loose with this ornament.


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