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[ kris-tl-in, -ahyn, -een ]


  1. of or like crystal; clear; transparent.
  2. formed by crystallization.
  3. composed of crystals.
  4. pertaining to crystals or their formation.


/ ˈkrɪstəˌlaɪn; ˌkrɪstəˈlɪnɪtɪ /


  1. having the characteristics or structure of crystals
  2. consisting of or containing crystals
  3. made of or like crystal; transparent; clear

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Derived Forms

  • crystallinity, noun
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Other Words From

  • crys·tal·lin·i·ty [kris-tl-, in, -i-tee], noun
  • multi·crystal·line adjective
  • non·crystal·line adjective
  • pre·crystal·line adjective
  • pseudo·crystal·line adjective
  • sub·crystal·line adjective
  • un·crystal·line adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of crystalline1

1350–1400; Middle English cristal ( l ) yn ( e ) < Latin crystallinus < Greek krystállinos. See crystal, -ine 1
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Example Sentences

If a tree decays and leaves some crystalline material behind.

This is one type of topological defect, an anomaly that occurs in various forms wherever a regular geometry, like the parallel fibers in a hydra or the atomic arrangement in a crystalline solid, has its order seriously disturbed.

One promising class of materials is perovskites, natural and lab-made compounds with a crystalline structure that makes them good semiconductors.

You may just forget that fact, given the way the sugar business has prevented the world from digging deep into its crystalline secrets.

From Ozy

Specifically, he was developing crystalline materials that allowed ions to easily flow in and out.

Soon enough, I felt my own guts rebelling and stepped out into the crystalline Andean night.

I saw on the Internet a suggestion that you should buy your grad a Swarofski Crystalline USB memory stick.

They slowed, and the rushing sound gave way to a hush that made the crystalline tranquillity complete.

He was crystalline clear about the example set by his father.

Rarely, sodium urate occurs in crystalline form—slender prisms, arranged in fan- or sheaf-like structures (Fig. 32).

It is a white crystalline fusible solid, insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and in solutions of the alkalies.

It is a crystalline solid less fusible than margaric acid, but closely resembling it in its other properties.

These limestones are hard and possess to a greater or less extent a crystalline texture.

Crystalline epidote, and whitish quartz, apparently from a vein.


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