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[ kuhl-muh-ney-shuhn ]


  1. the act or fact of culminating.
  2. that in which anything culminates; the culminating position or stage; highest point; acme.

    Synonyms: summit, peak, zenith, climax

  3. Astronomy. the position of a celestial body when it is on the meridian.


/ ˌkʌlmɪˈneɪʃən /


  1. the final, highest, or decisive point
  2. the act of culminating
  3. astronomy the highest or lowest altitude attained by a heavenly body as it crosses the meridian

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Other Words From

  • noncul·mi·nation noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of culmination1

1625–35; < Medieval Latin culminātiōn-, stem of culminātiō; culminate, -ion

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Example Sentences

Released on September 16, the nine new guidelines are the culmination of several consultations held with policymakers, child development researchers, AI practitioners, and kids around the world.

That computer will be the culmination of decades of scientific research and breakthroughs, including foundational work done by Charles Bennett, a pioneering scientist and IBM fellow.

From Fortune

This weekend brings the culmination of Sundance, the annual CAMP Rehoboth fundraiser that normally features a packed dance floor.

It begins with the phrase “what if,” and it’s the culmination of a simple, three-step ideation process that makes innovation possible—even in the most rigid of companies and industries.

From Quartz

Nor did these Christian players’ attitudes toward Muslims in general change much on surveys taken at the start and culmination of the league.

There are so many factors at play, but in the end, the culmination of them resulted in your death.

The decision to cease operations at the multi-site church is the culmination of a tumultuous year.

This is the big enchilada, and the culmination of the alleged death spiral.

His apparent suicide was likely the culmination of a brutal daily battle with severe depression that he shared with millions.

But I do think it is an interesting culmination of what our characters have been through together.

Of the Feralia of February 21, the culmination of the festival of the kindred dead (Parentalia), we have already spoken.

The six weeks which he spent in Paris were the culmination of his pleasure trip.

In order to reach the star at lower culmination the finder tube had to be thrown out of parallelism with the main telescope.

He saw the great economic machine grinding on day and night, the mighty forces rushing to their culmination.

Culmination of belief in demonic power of woman in witchcraft persecutions.


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