[ kuhl-tuh-vey-ter ]
/ ˈkʌl təˌveɪ tər /
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a person or thing that cultivates.
an implement drawn between rows of growing plants to loosen the earth and destroy weeds.
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Origin of cultivator

First recorded in 1655–65; cultivate + -or2
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What does cultivator mean?

A cultivator is a farming or gardening tool that breaks up soil and removes weeds in rows where plants are growing or will be grown.

It can also mean a person who grows crops. In both of these senses, a close synonym is the word tiller.

More generally, cultivator can refer to someone or something that cultivates (grows or develops things). Cultivate is commonly used literally to refer to growing crops or other plants but can also be used figuratively, such as to refer to growing an abstract thing such as a business or a friendship. A cultivator can refer to someone who develops something like this.

Example: My garden has become pretty big, so I decided to invest in a cultivator to make planting easier.

Where does cultivator come from?

The first records of the word cultivator come from around the 1660s. It ultimately grew out of the Medieval Latin word cultīvātus, which derives from the Latin verb colere, meaning “to till,” “to toil over,” “to care for,” or “to worship.” Colere is also the basis of the words cult, culture, and agriculture, among many others.

As tools, cultivators typically consist of blades or shovels (often rotating ones) that are used to break up (till) the soil. They come in a range of sizes. For a home garden, a cultivator is often a mechanical tool that can be operated by hand, though there are also electric and gas-powered cultivators. On a farm, a cultivator is often a very large farm implement that works by being pulled by a tractor.

When a person is called a cultivator, it often means they grow plants or crops. But a person who cultivates talent or businesses can also be called a cultivator.

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The word cultivator is most commonly used in the context of agriculture.



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The word cultivator always refers to a farm tool.

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British Dictionary definitions for cultivator

/ (ˈkʌltɪˌveɪtə) /

a farm implement equipped with shovels, blades, etc, used to break up soil and remove weeds
a person or thing that cultivates
a person who grows, tends, or improves plants or crops
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