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[ ran-cher ]


  1. a person who owns or works on a ranch.


/ ˈrɑːntʃə /


  1. a person who owns, manages, or works on a ranch

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rancher1

An Americanism dating back to 1830–40; ranch + -er 1

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Example Sentences

Similar practices survived until as recently as the 1970s—ranchers in the Sierra foothills would burn brush to encourage new growth for their animals to eat.

These technologies are expensive, and it is not unusual for seedstock producers to sell their bulls to other ranchers for $30,000 or more.

“For ranchers of my age, this is, like, something from Mars,” he says.

Nixon retorted that if there was going to be a torpedo fired it was going to be by America’s farmers and ranchers.

So I’m curious what the position is of ranchers on this kind of investment from a firm like Cargill or other firms that are sort of hedging their bets on the future of meat.

Throughout the race, the businessman, rancher, and former Democrat has vowed not to caucus with either party if he won.

Usually a rancher of few words, when it comes to the Border Patrol, Art has a lot to say.

Jenkins is a cattle rancher and successful businessman active in state agricultural affairs.

We saw this during the recent standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and federal officers.

Earlier this year, Miller responded to calls to stand with Cliven Bundy and declared common cause with the renegade rancher.

It is said that the rancher visited Chicago several times following in an effort to persuade her to return.

While this clash was going forward between the rancher and Clip, Matt's mind had been busy.

With big, rangy Sam Welborn, David started out to become a rancher and live out his days in peace and quiet.

And secondly, if he should buy it, I hope I can persuade him to sell it to some first class, reputable rancher.

Then, upon awaking, the first act of the rancher was to ascertain his bearings, so far as it was possible to do so.


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