[ pruh-doo-ser, -dyoo- ]
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  1. a person who produces.

  2. Economics. a person who creates economic value, or produces goods and services.

  1. a person responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of a stage, film, television, or radio production; the person who exercises general supervision of a production and is responsible chiefly for raising money, hiring technicians and artists, etc., required to stage a play, make a motion picture, or the like.: Compare director (def. 3).

  2. British Theater. (formerly) a director of theatrical productions; stage director.

  3. an apparatus for making producer gas.

  4. Ecology. an organism, as a plant, that is able to produce its own food from inorganic substances.

Origin of producer

First recorded in 1505–15; produce + -er1

Other words from producer

  • non·pro·duc·er, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for producer


/ (prəˈdjuːsə) /

  1. a person or thing that produces

  2. British a person responsible for the artistic direction of a play, including interpretation of the script, preparation of the actors, and overall design

  1. US and Canadian a person who organizes the stage production of a play, including the finance, management, etc

  2. the person who takes overall administrative responsibility for a film or television programme: Compare director (def. 4)

  3. the person who supervises the arrangement, recording, and mixing of a record

  4. economics a person or business enterprise that generates goods or services for sale: Compare consumer (def. 1)

  5. chem an apparatus or plant for making producer gas

  6. (often plural) ecology an organism, esp a green plant, that builds up its own tissues from simple inorganic compounds: See also consumer (def. 3), decomposer

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Scientific definitions for producer


[ prə-dōōsər ]

  1. An autotrophic organism that serves as a source of food for other organisms in a food chain. Producers include green plants, which produce food through photosynthesis, and certain bacteria that are capable of converting inorganic substances into food through chemosynthesis. Compare consumer.

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