[ kyoo-rey-ter, kyoo r-ey- for 1–3; kyoo r-uh-ter for 4 ]
/ kyʊˈreɪ tər, ˈkyʊər eɪ- for 1–3; ˈkyʊər ə tər for 4 /


the person in charge of a museum, art collection, etc.
a person who selects content for presentation, as on a website.
a manager; superintendent.
Law. a guardian of a minor, lunatic, or other incompetent, especially with regard to his or her property.

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Origin of curator

1325–75; < Latin, equivalent to cūrā(re) to care for, attend to (see cure) + -tor -tor; replacing Middle English curatour < Anglo-French < Latin as above

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/ (kjʊəˈreɪtə) /


the administrative head of a museum, art gallery, or similar institution
law, mainly Scot a guardian of a minor, mentally ill person, etc
Derived Formscuratorial (ˌkjʊərəˈtɔːrɪəl), adjectivecuratorship, noun

Word Origin for curator

C14: from Latin: one who cares, from cūrāre to care for, from cūra care

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Word Origin and History for curator



mid-14c., from Latin curator "overseer, manager, guardian," agent noun from curatus, past participle of curare (see cure (v.)). Originally of those put in charge of minors, lunatics, etc.; meaning "officer in charge of a museum, library, etc." is from 1660s.

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