[ kyoor ]
/ kyʊər /
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verb (used with object), cured, cur·ing.

verb (used without object), cured, cur·ing.

to effect a cure.
to become cured.



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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.

Origin of cure

1250–1300; (v.) Middle English curen<Middle French curer<Latin cūrāre to take care of, derivative of cūra care; (noun) Middle English <Old French cure<Latin cūra
9. Cure, heal, remedy imply making well, whole, or right. Cure is applied to the eradication of disease or sickness: to cure a headache. Heal suggests the making whole of wounds, sores, etc.: to heal a burn. Remedy applies especially to making wrongs right: to remedy a mistake.

Definition for cure (2 of 2)

[ kyoo-rey, kyoor-ey; French ky-rey ]
/ kyʊˈreɪ, ˈkyʊər eɪ; French küˈreɪ /

noun, plural cu·rés [kyoo-reyz, kyoor-eyz; French ky-rey]. /kyʊˈreɪz, ˈkyʊər eɪz; French küˈreɪ/.

(in France) a parish priest.

Origin of curé

1645–55; <French, Old French; modeled on Medieval Latin cūrātus parish priest; see curate
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British Dictionary definitions for cure (1 of 2)

/ (kjʊə) /



cureless, adjectivecurer, noun
(n) C13: from Old French, from Latin cūra care; in ecclesiastical sense, from Medieval Latin cūra spiritual charge; (vb) C14: from Old French curer, from Latin cūrāre to attend to, heal, from cūra care

British Dictionary definitions for cure (2 of 2)

/ (ˈkjʊəreɪ) /


a parish priest in France
French, from Medieval Latin cūrātus; see curate 1
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Medical definitions for cure

[ kyur ]


Restoration of health; recovery from disease.
A method or course of treatment used to restore health.
An agent that restores health; a remedy.


To restore a person to health.
To effect a recovery from a disease or disorder.
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Idioms and Phrases with cure


see kill or cure; ounce of prevention (is worth a pound of cure); sure cure.

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