[ sahy-ber-net-ik ]


  1. of or relating to cybernetics ( def ), the study of automatic control and communication functions in both living organisms and mechanical and electronic systems:

    The self-regulating engineering devices of the mid-20th century inspired the cybernetic image of the brain as a computer.

  2. relating to or being a mechanical or electronic device implanted into or attached to a living organism to enhance or aid physiological functioning:

    In the sci-fi movie, the hero’s nemesis acquires a six-legged spider-like cybernetic apparatus to replace his lost lower body.

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Other Words From

  • cy·ber·net·i·cal·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of cybernetic1

First recorded in 1945–50; back formation from cybernetics ( def )
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Example Sentences

Though Vader wore his mask as part of a cybernetic survival suit, Kylo wears his for a variety of other reasons -- namely, vanity.

The game opens with a very cool scene that puts you in the chair at your local “ripperdoc” office, where an automated tool tattoos a cybernetic attachment to your palm.

From Time

Rocket has a “cybernetic skeletal structure, enhanced phalange and metacarpal bones, and a genetically augmented cerebral cortex.”

It's equipped with what you might call a cybernetic brain—although that's pretty inadequate as a description.

Your complex human being is nothing but a fairly elaborate cybernetic machine operating wholly on feedback principles.

There was a lot of cybernetic and robotic equipment, and astrogational equipment, that had to be made from scratch.

Isn't that the created thing which the cybernetic system tries to follow?

It might easily increase the reliance of Earthfolk upon their cybernetic monsters.