[ duh-gair-uh-tahyp, -ee-uh-tahyp ]
/ dəˈgɛər əˌtaɪp, -i əˌtaɪp /


an obsolete photographic process, invented in 1839, in which a picture made on a silver surface sensitized with iodine was developed by exposure to mercury vapor.
a picture made by this process.

verb (used with object), da·guerre·o·typed, da·guerre·o·typ·ing.

to photograph by this process.

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Origin of daguerreotype

1830–40; named after L. J. M. Daguerre; see -o-, -type

OTHER WORDS FROM daguerreotype

da·guerre·o·typ·er, da·guerre·o·typ·ist, nounda·guerre·o·typ·ic [duh-gair-uh-tip-ik, -ee-uh-tip-] /dəˌgɛər əˈtɪp ɪk, -i əˈtɪp-/, adjectiveda·guerre·o·typ·y, noun
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/ (dəˈɡɛrəʊˌtaɪp) /


one of the earliest photographic processes, in which the image was produced on iodine-sensitized silver and developed in mercury vapour
a photograph formed by this process

Derived forms of daguerreotype

daguerreotyper or daguerreotypist, noundaguerreotypy, noun
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