[ dal-yuh, dahl- or, esp. British, deyl- ]
/ ˈdæl yə, ˈdɑl- or, esp. British, ˈdeɪl- /


any composite plant of the genus Dahlia, native to Mexico and Central America and widely cultivated for its showy, variously colored flower heads.
the flower or tuberous root of a dahlia.
a pale violet or amethyst color.


of the color dahlia.

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Origin of dahlia

1791; < New Latin, named after Anders Dahl (died 1789), Swedish botanist; see -ia
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/ (ˈdeɪljə) /


any herbaceous perennial plant of the Mexican genus Dahlia, having showy flowers and tuberous roots, esp any horticultural variety derived from D. pinnata : family Asteraceae (composites)
the flower or root of any of these plants

Word Origin for dahlia

C19: named after Anders Dahl, 18th-century Swedish botanist; see -ia
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