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adjective, dain·ti·er, dain·ti·est.
  1. of delicate beauty; exquisite: a dainty lace handkerchief.
  2. pleasing to the taste and, often, temptingly served or delicate; delicious: dainty pastries.
  3. of delicate discrimination or taste; particular; fastidious: a dainty eater.
  4. overly particular; finicky.
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noun, plural dain·ties.
  1. something delicious to the taste; a delicacy.
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Origin of dainty

1175–1225; Middle English deinte worthiness, happiness, delicacy < Anglo-French (Old French deint(i)e) < Latin dignitāt- (stem of dignitās); see dignity
Related formsdain·ti·ly, adverbdain·ti·ness, nouno·ver·dain·ti·ly, adverbo·ver·dain·ti·ness, nouno·ver·dain·ty, adjectivesu·per·dain·ty, adjectiveun·dain·ti·ly, adverbun·dain·ti·ness, nounun·dain·ty, adjective


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Synonym study

1. See delicate. 3. See particular.
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Historical Examples

  • He noticed the daintiness of her profile, the placid sweetness of her face in repose.

    Spring Street

    James H. Richardson

  • He loved the grace of them, the daintiness of their dress, the softness of their voices.

    Robert Elsmere

    Mrs. Humphry Ward

  • She had given it the right touch of daintiness and refinement.

  • Space, daintiness, simplicity—these were the first impressions.

    Flaming June

    Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

  • The tiger-wolf has a certain amount of daintiness in its appetite when in a state of nature.

British Dictionary definitions for daintiness


adjective -tier or -tiest
  1. delicate or eleganta dainty teacup
  2. pleasing to the taste; choice; deliciousa dainty morsel
  3. refined, esp excessively genteel; fastidious
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noun plural -ties
  1. a choice piece of food, esp a small cake or sweet; delicacy
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Derived Formsdaintily, adverbdaintiness, noun

Word Origin

C13: from Old French deintié, from Latin dignitās dignity
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Word Origin and History for daintiness



c.1300, "delightful, pleasing," from dainty (n.). Meaning evolved in Middle English to "choice, excellent" (late 14c.) to "delicately pretty." Related: Daintiness.

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c.1300, "excellence, elegance; a luxury," from Old French deintie (12c.) "price, value," also "delicacy, pleasure," from Latin dignitatem (nominative dignitas) "greatness, rank, worthiness, worth, beauty," from dignus "worthy" (see dignity).

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