[ dam-per ]
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  1. a person or thing that damps or depresses: His glum mood put a damper on their party.

  2. a movable plate for regulating the draft in a stove, furnace, etc.

  1. Music.

    • a device in stringed keyboard instruments to deaden the vibration of the strings.

    • the mute of a brass instrument, as a horn.

  2. Electricity. an attachment to keep the indicator of a measuring instrument from oscillating excessively, as a set of vanes in a fluid or a short-circuited winding in a magnetic field.

  3. Machinery. a shock absorber.

  4. Australian.

    • a round, flat cake made of flour and water, and cooked over a campfire.

    • the dough for such cakes.

Origin of damper

First recorded in 1740–50; damp + -er1

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British Dictionary definitions for damper


/ (ˈdæmpə) /

  1. a person, event, or circumstance that depresses or discourages

  2. put a damper on to produce a depressing or inhibiting effect on: the bad news put a damper on the party

  1. a movable plate to regulate the draught in a stove or furnace flue

  2. a device to reduce electronic, mechanical, acoustic, or aerodynamic oscillations in a system

  3. music the pad in a piano or harpsichord that deadens the vibration of each string as its key is released

  4. mainly Australian and NZ any of various unleavened loaves and scones, typically cooked on an open fire

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see put a damper on.

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