[ duh-roo-muh; Japanese dah-roo-mah ]

  1. a large red papier-mâché Japanese doll in the form of a seated potbellied Buddhist monk: considered a bringer of luck and prosperity.

Origin of daruma

1960–65; <Japanese <Chinese, transliteration of Sanskrit dharmadharma

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How to use daruma in a sentence

  • It is easy to make this, for it is believed that daruma lost his legs from sitting too long in one position.

    Our Little Japanese Cousin | Mary Hazelton Wade
  • Not an Irish gentleman with a pipe in his mouth, such as you like to build, but a figure of daruma, who was a disciple of Buddha.

    Our Little Japanese Cousin | Mary Hazelton Wade
  • Thus certain legless and shapeless dolls are called after him, and snow-figures are denominated Yuki-daruma (Snow daruma).

  • The images of daruma are found by the hundreds in toy-shops, as tobacconists' signs, and as the snow-men of the boys.

  • Nevertheless, the conscience of the Wa daruma bids them kill their twin offspring.