a Scot word for dare

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Examples from the Web for daur

Historical Examples of daur

  • But he says, 'Not one soul in Thrums 'll daur say that to me but yersel, Jess.

    A Window in Thrums

    J. M. Barrie

  • It can be used there on condition that there are not two daur (curves) in the bow.

    The Bbur-nma in English

    Babur, Emperor of Hindustan

  • And I daur to say you could tell us something about this new laird.

  • You that speak sa learned, Christie, ye should tell her; we daur na.

    Christie Johnstone

    Charles Reade

  • I daur say the soo, puir thing, will ha'e to wait, noo that you're here.

    Betty Grier

    Joseph Waugh