[ ded-ahy ]
/ ˈdɛdˌaɪ /

noun, plural dead·eyes.

Nautical. either of a pair of disks of hardwood having holes through which a lanyard is rove: used to tighten shrouds and stays.
an expert marksman.

Origin of deadeye

1740–50; dead + eye; as nautical term, probably ellipsis from deadman's eye, Middle English dedmaneseye deadeye Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

Examples from the Web for deadeye

  • Turning on Bob, with a correct imitation of Mr. Deadeye, at his grouchiest moment.

    Nothing But the Truth|Frederic S. Isham

British Dictionary definitions for deadeye

/ (ˈdɛdˌaɪ) /


nautical either of a pair of disclike wooden blocks, supported by straps in grooves around them, between which a line is rove so as to draw them together to tighten a shroudCompare bull's-eye (def. 9)
mainly US informal an expert marksman
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