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[ ded-lahyn ]


  1. the time by which something must be finished or submitted; the latest time for finishing something:

    a five o'clock deadline.

  2. a line or limit that must not be passed.
  3. (formerly) a boundary around a military prison beyond which a prisoner could not venture without risk of being shot by the guards.


/ ˈdɛdˌlaɪn /


  1. a time limit for any activity

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Other Words From

  • post·deadline adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of deadline1

First recorded in 1855–60; dead + line 1

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Example Sentences

So there are fewer truly overwhelming buyers this season, though that doesn’t mean there are fewer teams who could stand to improve at the deadline.

In addition, the California Department of Social Services – which regulates assisted living facilities — did not provide complaint investigation data by deadline.

Faced with a tight deadline by the New York-based property owners and the prospect of either a significant rent hike or eviction, officials needed a financier.

Now, the company is facing a fast-approaching deadline to reach a deal, or risk facing a complete shutdown of its American business.

From Fortune

County spokeswoman Sarah Sweeney said the county is also considering whether to apply for funds but does not expect to submit any applications before state’s initial deadline next week.

It was Dec. 20, 1991, the deadline for the New Hampshire primary.

But probably because we co-edited the Deadline Artists anthologies with our friend Jesse Angelo, we feel a fidelity to the form.

Conservatives have made clear they want Republican leaders to use the December deadline to confront the president on immigration.

A curse-filled half hour that saw my blood boil as my filing deadline ticked further into the past.

I love the quote that Sharon Klein gave in the release on Deadline.

It had to be delivered exactly one week before the deadline that had been set by the receivers for closing the plant.

It still lacked several minutes of his deadline when he rushed into the Press office and laid his story on the city editors desk.

It was morning before he could return to the food warehouse—and one day closer to his deadline.

There would be exactly one hour's supply of oxygen when he was thrown out and it still lacked five minutes of the deadline.

Now, he had to make it to a twenty-minute deadline, without rope or alpenstock, a Moon-man adapted to a fraction of Earth gravity.


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