[ dee-ler-ship ]


  1. authorization to sell a commodity:

    He got the dealership for the area after a long investigation into his credit status.

  2. a sales agency or distributor having such authorization.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dealership1

First recorded in 1915–20; dealer + -ship
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Example Sentences

Ford also plans to continue its free medical-grade face mask distribution — 120 million in communities hard-hit by the coronavirus across the United States — at local dealerships and nonprofits through the middle of this year.

He also had various business interests, including auto dealerships and restaurants.

In the end, Wilson, who works at a car dealership, went to the District’s Roosevelt High School.

Reports have also said that the US-based firm will be importing the cars as completely built units to India and won’t be selling them via dealerships.

From Quartz

Everywhere Mabry went, he seemed to run into someone he knew, either from the dealership or from working the door outside his brother’s club, the Old Skool Lounge.

The dealership called the Hercules team “right then and there,” Pedro Sr. said.

He had the vehicles moved to the curb outside the dealership.

But Carbiz, a used-car dealership in Baltimore, initially wouldn't say if it was cutting Rice loose.

Darci Brown, owner of a car dealership in Greenfield, Mass., has bred dogs as a hobby for 30 years.

Is Pat Roberts aware that Dodge City has a fine Chrysler dealership?

The single solid basis of his success was his thorough knowledge of cattle—his proficiency in dealership.

You see, it's a factory franchise dealership and they changed it to Downtown Lincoln-Mercury.





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