[ deth-bed ]


  1. the bed on which a person dies:

    The museum contains Lincoln's deathbed.


  1. of, pertaining to, said, or done during the last few hours of a person's life:

    a deathbed confession.


/ ˈdɛθˌbɛd /


    1. the bed in which a person is about to die
    2. ( as modifier )

      a deathbed conversion

  1. on one's deathbed
    on one's deathbed about to die

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Word History and Origins

Origin of deathbed1

First recorded in 1350–1400, deathbed is from the Middle English word deethbed. See death, bed

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. on one's deathbed, in the last few hours before death.

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Example Sentences

Younger workers today are more likely to prioritize “having more time to experience their lives rather than waking up my age on the deathbed and regretting that I hadn’t spent time with my granddaughter,” he said.

From Vox

Hákon Sverrisson When I look back on life, I’m pretty sure that this piece, that week, will be something that I will remember on my deathbed.

I have found that the people who have not thought about death are the ones who have regrets on their deathbeds.

Shorto finds himself at his father’s deathbed, expressing newfound gratitude and understanding.

We only found out when he collapsed and wound up in the hospital, literally on his deathbed with just days to live.

Keopuolani converted on her deathbed in 1823, instructing her son Kamehameha II to protect the missionaries.

When he breaks down on camera it is while telling the story of a dying man who called him from his deathbed.

Fenwick, by now in his late 70s, has amassed more than 2,000 accounts of what he calls “deathbed coincidences.”

Solness has much to regret, and yet, we meet him on his deathbed in this moment of deep, profound reflection.

Context: The Casablanca star was a great lover of scotch and said this on his deathbed before falling victim to cancer.

May your deathbed be as well attended as mine has been, and may you live happily, and die the death of a Christian!

His deathbed was a dramatic scene—especially under the circumstances.

It came out on his deathbed what he had been storing up his money for.

He had arrived at his mother's deathbed too late; she had almost passed away.

His powers of wit and raillery never failed him, even to the Deathbed wit last.


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