[ dey-koo-pahzh ]

nounAlso dé·cou·page [dey-koo-pahzh; French dey-koo-pazh] /ˌdeɪ kuˈpɑʒ; French deɪ kuˈpaʒ/ .
  1. the art or technique of decorating something with cut-outs of paper, linoleum, plastic, or other flat material over which varnish or lacquer is applied.

  2. work produced by the art or technique of decoupage.

verb (used with object),de·cou·paged, de·cou·pag·ing.
  1. to decorate by decoupage: walls decoupaged with photographs of movie stars.

  2. to apply or use as decoupage or by decoupage technique: Let's decoupage these maps onto the tabletops.

Origin of decoupage

1955–60; <French découpage a cutting out, equivalent to Middle French decoup(er) to cut out (de-de- + couper to cut; see coupé, coup1) + -age-age

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British Dictionary definitions for decoupage


/ (ˌdeɪkuːˈpɑːʒ) /

  1. the art or process of decorating a surface with shapes or illustrations cut from paper, card, etc

  2. anything produced by this technique

Origin of decoupage

C20: from French, from découper to cut out, from de- + couper to cut

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