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[ dih-fee-tist ]


  1. a person who surrenders easily or is subject to defeatism.
  2. an advocate or follower of defeatism as a public policy.


  1. marked by defeatism.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of defeatist1

1915–20; defeat + -ist, modeled on French défaitiste

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Example Sentences

It is a rotten form of weakness, a defeatist and pacifist attitude that only can mean defeat.

Unfortunately, this sort of defeatist measure was recently proposed in the House of Representatives.

If anything is hopeless—and breeds hopelessness—it is this defeatist approach.

And the Republican candidates are indeed attacking him as defeatist and weak.

I will take her any day over the “educated class,” the bureaucratic mollusks and the defeatist sad sacks in Washington.

In fact, he routinely refers to the traditional Muslim clergy as “imams of infidelity,” “defeatist imams,” or “hypocrite imams.”

Moreover, now that I had had time to meditate upon it, I was more than ever defeatist about this scheme of Jeeves's.

But do you honestly think I could entertain such a defeatist notion for one instant?

Maybe it was being defeatist, yet he had to make sure that they had a way off this planet if the mission failed.

"You can't afford to get defeatist about this, Rod," Biddington went on.

Since April sixth insidious defeatist propaganda had permeated the mass of the people.