[ def-uh-sit; British also dih-fis-it ]
/ ˈdɛf ə sɪt; British also dɪˈfɪs ɪt /


the amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required amount.
the amount by which expenditures or liabilities exceed income or assets.
a lack or shortage; deficiency.
a disadvantage, impairment, or handicap: The team's major deficit is its poor pitching.
a loss, as in the operation of a business.

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Origin of deficit

1775–85; < Latin dēficit (it) lacks, 3rd person singular present indicative of dēficere; see deficient

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British Dictionary definitions for deficit


/ (ˈdɛfɪsɪt, dɪˈfɪsɪt) /


the amount by which an actual sum is lower than that expected or required
  1. an excess of liabilities over assets
  2. an excess of expenditures over revenues during a certain period
  3. an excess of payments over receipts on the balance of payments

Word Origin for deficit

C18: from Latin, literally: there is lacking, from dēficere to be lacking

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Word Origin and History for deficit



1782, from French déficit (late 17c.), from Latin deficit "it is wanting," an introductory word in clauses of inventory, third person singular present indicative of deficere "to be deficient" (see deficient).

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Medicine definitions for deficit


[ dĕfĭ-sĭt ]


A lack or deficiency of a substance.
A lack or impairment in mental or physical functioning.

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Culture definitions for deficit


A shortage, especially the amount by which a sum of money falls short of what is required; a debt.

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