[ dih-flek-shuhn ]
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  1. the act or state of deflecting or the state of being deflected.

  2. amount of deviation.

  1. the deviation of the indicator of an instrument from the position taken as zero.

  2. Military. the angle formed by the line of sight to the target and the line of sight to the point at which a gun is aimed so as to strike the target.

  3. Electronics. (in a cathode-ray tube) the bending by a magnetic field of the beam of electrons leaving the electron gun.

Origin of deflection

1595–1605; <Late Latin dēflexiōn- (stem of dēflexiō), equivalent to Latin dēflex(us) (past participle of dēflectere;see deflect) + -iōn--ion
  • Also British, de·flex·ion .

Other words from deflection

  • non·de·flec·tion, noun

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How to use deflection in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for deflection



/ (dɪˈflɛkʃən) /

  1. the act of deflecting or the state of being deflected

  2. the amount of deviation

  1. the change in direction of a light beam as it crosses a boundary between two media with different refractive indexes

  2. a deviation of the indicator of a measuring instrument from its zero position

  3. the movement of a structure or structural member when subjected to a load

Derived forms of deflection

  • deflective, adjective

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