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[dey-zhœ-ney; English dey-zhuh-ney, dey-zhuh-ney]
noun, plural dé·jeu·ners [dey-zhœ-ney; English dey-zhuh-neyz, dey-zhuh-neyz] /deɪ ʒœˈneɪ; English ˈdeɪ ʒəˌneɪz, ˌdeɪ ʒəˈneɪz/. French.
  1. lunch; luncheon.
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Examples from the Web for dejeuner

Historical Examples

  • You shall go to the Grotto after dejeuner, and we will all pray for you.

    The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete

    Emile Zola

  • My mother, you know, has what she calls a dejeuner tomorrow,—dejeuner and dance.

    A Strange Story, Complete

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  • The Hotel Croix Blanche is a pleasant little house for dejeuner.

  • Claret is drunk at the twelve o'clock dejeuner as well as at dinner.

    The Complete Bachelor

    Walter Germain

  • The "dejeuner" almost put him "on the blink," he declared afterwards.