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[ dih-sen-duhnt ]


  1. descending; going or coming down.
  2. deriving or descending from an ancestor.


/ dɪˈsɛndənt /


  1. coming or going downwards; descending
  2. deriving by descent, as from an ancestor

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Other Words From

  • unde·scendent adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of descendent1

1565–75; < Latin dēscendent- (stem of dēscendēns ), present participle of dēscendere. See descend, -ent

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Example Sentences

Codex is a descendent of OpenAI’s GPT-3, a sprawling natural-language machine learning algorithm released last year.

It was 2015 and we were tracking the two different kinds of nautiliuses—Nautilus and its descendent, Allonautilus—found here and virtually nowhere else on Earth.

Intriguingly, in one comics storyline, Kang discovers he’s the descendent of Doctor Doom and Doom’s nemesis, Reed Richards.

From Time

In April, 800 Indigenous people who were either forcibly removed from their families or are descendents of those who were, brought a class action suit against Canberra, seeking compensation.

From Ozy

At the time, it wasn’t found in domestic pig populations anywhere else in the world, but today you can find the descendent strains of that pandemic in pigs everywhere on earth that pigs are farmed.

Now, its descendent organizations are dedicated to advancing the 20th-century throwback notion of the primacy of the nation-state.

My mother was a descendent of Greek royalty, an intellectual grande dame who wore elegant shaded glasses.

The queen of one of the islands in the Victoria Nyanza is a descendent of them.

I don't mind Slith so much, he's only a little anachronistic reptile, a descendent of happier days in dinosaurial dawndom.

His faithful descendent seized the present opportunity to celebrate the event with more pomp than ever.

Toutes ces couches descendent au sud-est suivant la pente de la montagne, mais avec un peu plus de rapidit.

Les dernires couches au nord au dessus d'trembires descendent vers le nord-nord-est, sous un angle de 40 au 50 degrs.


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