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[ dih-zur-tid ]


  1. abandoned; forsaken:

    the problems of deserted wives and children.

  2. untenanted: without inhabitants:

    a deserted village; a deserted farmhouse.

  3. unfrequented; lonely:

    The victim was lured to a deserted spot.

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Other Words From

  • unde·serted adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of deserted1

First recorded in 1620–30; desert 2 + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

Now, I head out in a camper van to find deserted campsites, hot springs, and hikes to alpine lakes with my two kids in tow.

There was an island off Brazil’s southeastern coastline that looked deserted but wasn’t.

His novel Crabs on the Island tells the story of two engineers conducting an experiment in cybernetics on a deserted island.

The future of cities, some with areas that are almost deserted now, will begin to reveal itself.

From Fortune

Even so-called deserted neighborhoods, like Times Square, are inching back up in foot traffic.

From Digiday

It was late at night, in the South, and a relatively deserted area.

Grimm has even been actively trying hire staff members for his office in recent weeks after several former aides deserted him.

Rural churches were deserted, and the connection between the land and the bounty of harvests was gone.

Not surprisingly, many middle and working class voters, particularly whites, have deserted the Democrats in increasing numbers.

One theory holds that Gedi was deserted to avoid the advancing nomadic Galla tribe coming from Somalia.

He carried this war of extermination up to Ilocos, where, little by little, his forces deserted him.

In fact, one evening, his wife and children deserted him entirely and went to settle elsewhere, thinking it was all over with him.

He found the village in disorder, the fields neglected, many houses deserted, the remainder of the people preparing to move away.

His pitiful heart deserted him at the very instant when he most needed its support.

"Perhaps he has deserted his wife," I said, seeing at last a possible solution of the mystery.





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