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verb (used with object)
  1. to reduce (an object) to useless fragments, a useless form, or remains, as by rending, burning, or dissolving; injure beyond repair or renewal; demolish; ruin; annihilate.
  2. to put an end to; extinguish.
  3. to kill; slay.
  4. to render ineffective or useless; nullify; neutralize; invalidate.
  5. to defeat completely.
verb (used without object)
  1. to engage in destruction.

Origin of destroy

1175–1225; Middle English destroyen < Old French destruire < Vulgar Latin dēstrūgere (unattested), for Latin dēstruere (dē- de- + struere “to pick up, build”)
Related formsde·stroy·a·ble, adjectivehalf-de·stroyed, adjectivepre·de·stroy, verb (used with object)self-de·stroyed, adjectiveself-de·stroy·ing, adjectiveun·de·stroyed, adjectivewell-de·stroyed, adjective
Can be confuseddecimate destroy (see usage note at decimate)

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1. Destroy, demolish, raze imply reducing a thing to uselessness. To destroy is to reduce something to nothingness or to take away its powers and functions so that restoration is impossible: Fire destroys a building. Disease destroys tissues. To demolish is to destroy something organized or structured: to demolish a machine. To raze is to level down to the ground: to raze a fortress.

Antonyms for destroy

1, 2. create.

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verb (mainly tr)
  1. to ruin; spoil; render useless
  2. to tear down or demolish; break up; raze
  3. to put an end to; do away with; extinguish
  4. to kill or annihilate
  5. to crush, subdue, or defeat
  6. (intr) to be destructive or cause destruction
Derived Formsdestroyable, adjective

Word Origin for destroy

C13: from Old French destruire, from Latin dēstruere to pull down, from de- + struere to pile up, build
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Word Origin and History for destroyed



early 13c., from Old French destruire (12c., Modern French détruire) "destroy, ravage, lay waste," from Vulgar Latin *destrugere (source of Italian distruggere), refashioned (influenced by destructus), from Latin destruere "tear down, demolish," literally "un-build," from de- "un-, down" (see de-) + struere "to pile, build" (see structure (n.)). Related: Destroyed; destroying.

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