[ dih-tur-muh-ney-tiv, -nuh-tiv ]
/ dɪˈtɜr məˌneɪ tɪv, -nə tɪv /


serving to determine; determining.


something that determines.
a graphic symbol used in ideographic writing to denote a semantic class and written next to a word to indicate in what semantic category that word is to be understood, thus at times distinguishing homographs.

Origin of determinative

1645–55; probably < Medieval Latin dēterminātīvus fixed, Late Latin: crucial (of a disease), equivalent to Latin dētermināt(us) (see determinate) + -īvus -ive

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British Dictionary definitions for determinative

/ (dɪˈtɜːmɪnətɪv) /


able to or serving to settle or determine; deciding


a factor, circumstance, etc, that settles or determines
grammar a less common word for determiner
(in a logographic writing system) a logogram that bears a separate meaning, from which compounds and inflected forms are built up

Derived forms of determinative

determinatively, adverbdeterminativeness, noun
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