1. variant of deutero- before a vowel:


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The Hebrews had the same practice; and, as we learn in the book of Job, and Deuter.


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Words That Use Deuter-

What does deuter- mean?

Deuter- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “second.” It is used in some scientific and other technical terms.

In terms from chemistry, deuter- specifically refers to deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen that has twice the mass of ordinary hydrogen. Deuterium was based directly on the Greek deúteros.

Deuter- comes from the Greek deúteros, meaning “second.”

Deuter- is a variant of deutero-, which loses its -o– when combined with words or word elements beginning with vowels.

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Other variants of deutero- are deuto- and deut-.

Examples of deuter-

One example of a term that features the combining form deuter- is deuteragonist, “the actor next in importance to the protagonist” in ancient Greek theater.

The deuter- part of the word means “second.” If protagonist has a literal sense of “first actor” (like a main character), then a deuteragonist literally means? That’s right, “second actor.” Today, we know a deuteragonist as a supporting actor.

The word comes from the Greek deuteragōnistḗs, which uses the equivalent form of deuter- in the language.

What are some words that use or are related to the combining form deuter-?

What are some other forms that deuter- may be commonly confused with?

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Anopia means “blindness,” especially due to a structural defect in or absence of an eye. Deuteranopia is a vision defect where the retina does not respond to the color green, green being regarded as the second component of color vision. What does deuteranopia literally translate to?

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