Diels-Alder reaction

[ deelz-ahl-der ]
/ ˈdilzˈɑl dər /

noun Chemistry.

the reaction in which a conjugated diene combines with a double or triple bond of a given compound to form a ring of six carbon atoms.

Origin of Diels-Alder reaction

named after O. Diels and K. Alder
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British Dictionary definitions for diels-alder reaction

Diels-Alder reaction

/ (ˈdiːlzˈɔːldə) /


chem a type of chemical reaction in which one organic compound containing conjugated double bonds adds to another containing an ethylenic bond to form a product containing a ring

Word Origin for Diels-Alder reaction

C20: named after Otto Diels (1876–1954) and Kurt Alder (1902–58), German chemists
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