[ dif-i-kuhlt, -kuhlt ]
/ ˈdɪf ɪˌkʌlt, -kəlt /


Origin of difficult

1350–1400; Middle English, back formation from difficulty

SYNONYMS FOR difficult

1 arduous. See hard.
2 intricate, perplexing, involved, knotty.
4 particular, finical, fussy.
5 obdurate, uncompromising.

Related forms

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British Dictionary definitions for difficultly


/ (ˈdɪfɪkəlt) /


not easy to do; requiring efforta difficult job
not easy to understand or solve; intricatea difficult problem
hard to deal with; troublesomea difficult child
not easily convinced, pleased, or satisfieda difficult audience
full of hardships or trialsdifficult times ahead

Derived Forms

difficultly, adverb

Word Origin for difficult

C14: back formation from difficulty
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