[ dih-floo-jee-uh ]
/ dɪˈflu dʒi ə /


a genus of ameboid protozoans that construct a shell of cemented sand grains.

Origin of Difflugia

< New Latin (1816), equivalent to Latin difflu(ere) to flow away (see diffluent) + -g- (unexplained) + -ia -ia
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Examples from the Web for difflugia

  • Difflugia may make use of grains of sand to form its test, but all protozoa conjugate.

    Beauty and the Beast|Stewart A. McDowall
  • Dujardin points out very clearly the identity of structure between organisms like Amœbæ and such forms as Difflugia and Arcella.

    The Ocean World:|Louis Figuier
  • Equally striking are the interesting experiments that Jennings has recently carried out with Difflugia (fig. 91).