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[ dim-er ]


  1. a person or thing that dims.
  2. Also called dimmer switch. a rheostat or similar device by which the intensity of an electric light may be varied.
  3. dimmers,
    1. the low-beam headlights of an automobile or truck.
    2. the small, parking lights of an automobile.


/ ˈdɪmə /


  1. a device, such as a rheostat, for varying the current through an electric light and thus changing the illumination
  2. often plural
    1. a dipped headlight on a road vehicle
    2. a parking light on a car

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dimmer1

First recorded in 1815–25; dim + -er 1
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Example Sentences

This sleek, space-saving option allows you to adjust the light with a dimmer switch.

As the body metabolizes the drug, the dimmer gradually turns off the treatment.

If you have a dimmer switch and want to be able to control the light levels with it, you’ll need a compatible bulb.

Rocky worlds orbiting smaller, dimmer stars than the sun are easier to find, and might be just as friendly to life.

The bright spiral arms tend to mark sites where new stars are being born, while the older and dimmer stars have had time to drift away from the arms into the rest of the galaxy.

Vaccination works more like a light with a dimmer than an on-off switch, said Slifka.

My gaze followed the blue light, watching it grow dimmer with distance.

Make sure you choose a dimmer manufacturer who provides readily-accessible information on compatible lamps and dimmers.

But the hopes of arriving anywhere else have never been dimmer.

Even amid the flames, the florescent lights seemed a little dimmer than ever at The Office.

His form became more and more clearly outlined, while that of the angel became dimmer and dimmer.

As the ends of the logs burned away, the fiery ring at the center grew wider and dimmer.

Fainter, sweeter and sadder the music wailed out; dimmer and dimmer paled the lights; all hushed their breathing to watch.

Arcot watched the dull red spark of Sirius become increasingly dimmer.

The light in the window grows dimmer and suddenly disappears, leaving the house in total darkness.





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