[ dahyn ]
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verb (used without object),dined, din·ing.
  1. to eat the principal meal of the day; have dinner.

  2. to take any meal.

verb (used with object),dined, din·ing.
  1. to entertain at dinner.

  1. Scot. dinner.

Verb Phrases
  1. dine out, to take a meal, especially the principal or more formal meal of the day, away from home, as in a hotel or restaurant: They dine out at least once a week.

Origin of dine

1250–1300; Middle English dinen<Anglo-French, Old French di(s)ner<Vulgar Latin *disjējūnāre to break one's fast, equivalent to Latin dis-dis-1 + Late Latin jējūnāre to fast; see jejune

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  • pre·dine, verb (used without object), pre·dined, pre·din·ing.

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[ dahyn ]

  1. James "Jim", born 1935, U.S. painter.

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[ dih-ney ]

noun,plural Di·nés, (especially collectively) Di·né.
  1. a member of the Navajo people.

  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of the Navajo, their language, or their culture: handcrafted Diné jewelry.

Origin of Diné

First recorded in 1915–20; a self-designation meaning “The People”; see also Navajo

usage note For Diné

The name Diné comes from the Native Athabascan language of the tribe, and it is preferred by many over Navajo, a name assigned by Spanish missionaries. Nevertheless, Navajo and Navaho are still in use and remain acceptable.

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/ (daɪn) /

  1. (intr) to eat dinner

  2. (intr; often foll by on, off, or upon) to make one's meal (of): the guests dined upon roast beef

  1. (tr) informal to entertain to dinner (esp in the phrase wine and dine someone)

Origin of dine

C13: from Old French disner, contracted from Vulgar Latin disjējūnāre (unattested) to cease fasting, from dis- not + Late Latin jējūnāre to fast; see jejune

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  • dine out on

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  • eat (dine) out
  • wine and dine

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