noun, plural din·goes.

a wolflike, wild dog, Canis familiaris dingo, of Australia, having a reddish- or yellowish-brown coat.
Australian. a cowardly or treacherous person.

Origin of dingo

First recorded in 1789, dingo is from the Dharuk word din-gu tame dingo
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noun plural -goes

a wild dog, Canis dingo, of Australia, having a yellowish-brown coat and resembling a wolf
Australian slang a cheat or coward

verb -goes, -going or -goed (intr) Australian slang

  1. to act in a cowardly manner
  2. to drop out of something
(foll by on) to let (someone) down

Word Origin for dingo

C18: native Australian name
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Word Origin and History for dingo

1789, Native Australian name, from Dharruk (language formerly spoken in the area of Sydney) /din-go/ "tame dog," though the English used it to describe wild Australian dogs. Bushmen continue to call the animal by the Dharruk term /warrigal/ "wild dog."

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