/ (daɪˈnɒsərəs) /


another name for a uintathere

Word Origin for dinoceras

C19: New Latin, from Greek deinos fearful + keras horn
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Examples from the Web for dinoceras

  • These were the migrant herds of the Dinoceras, just arrived at their new pasturage.

    In the Morning of Time|Charles G. D. Roberts
  • The skull is singularly reminiscent of Dinoceras, with which this quite Artiodactyle genus has, of course, nothing to do.

  • The wounded Dinoceras drew away, to 39 die or recover as curious Nature might decree.

    In the Morning of Time|Charles G. D. Roberts
  • It is quite clear, then, that we cannot place the Dinoceras in any order of living mammals.

    Extinct Monsters|H. N. Hutchinson