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[dahy-nuh-sawr-ee-uh n]
  1. pertaining to or of the nature of a dinosaur.
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  1. a dinosaur.
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Origin of dinosaurian

< New Latin Dinosauri(a) (1841), originally a name for a suborder or tribe (see dino-, saurian) + -an
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Historical Examples of dinosaurian

  • In the Dinosaurian genus Cœlurus this condition is as well marked in the tail and back as it is in the neck.

    Dragons of the Air

    H. G. Seeley

  • Had she been a dinosaurian making Mesozoic footprints, I could not have been more fearful.

    The Face of the Fields

    Dallas Lore Sharp

  • Certain footprints in the coal measures of Kansas have been supposed to belong to lacertilian or dinosaurian forms.