[ dis-burs-muhnt ]
/ dÉŖsĖˆbɜrs mənt /
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the act or an instance of disbursing.
money paid out or spent.
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Origin of disbursement

From the Middle French word desboursement, dating back to 1590ā€“1600. See disburse, -ment

OTHER WORDS FROM disbursement

nonĀ·disĀ·burseĀ·ment, nounreĀ·disĀ·burseĀ·ment, noun

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What doesĀ disbursementĀ mean?

Disbursement is the act of paying out money, or the payment itself.

Because the meaning of disbursement focuses on money and payment, the word is almost exclusively used in financial and business spheresā€”especially when the exchange of money is formal.

Example: The disbursement of paychecks was delayed due to a clerical error, causing much grumbling among the staff.

Where doesĀ disbursement come from?

Disbursement first appears in English around 1600. Its root word disburse is slightly older, first recorded around the 1530s, and comes from combining des (meaning ā€œapartā€) and bourse (meaning ā€œpurseā€ā€”a bag used to carry money).

The modern financial use of disbursement often means something quite specificā€”payment from a particular fund or account, often in the context of a business, charity, scholarship, or other formalized type of payment. If the thing being given out or provided is not financial or money-related (like food, for example), you probably want to use distribution, not disbursement.

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How isĀ disbursement used in real life?

Disbursement has a pretty specific context: paying money to something or someone, usually an institution making a payment to an individual. Even within that context, it tends to be used in formal situations, like when youā€™re talking about politics, economics, student financial aid, and other such areas. You probably wouldnā€™t use it to talk about repaying money your friend lent you to buy coffee (for instance), unless you were being humorous.



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Which of the following sentences uses disbursement correctly?

A. Scientists are studying the disbursement of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
B. Your disbursement of a new cat into my home is not appreciated.
C. Iā€™ve signed off on the disbursement of funds to your charity.

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