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[ dis-uh-pluh-ner-ee ]


  1. of, for, or constituting discipline; enforcing or administering discipline:

    disciplinary action.


/ ˈdɪsɪˌplɪnərɪ /


  1. of, promoting, or used for discipline; corrective
  2. relating to a branch of learning

    criticism that crosses disciplinary boundaries

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Other Words From

  • non·disci·pli·nary adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of disciplinary1

First recorded in 1575–85; discipline + -ary
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Example Sentences

Petyo knew about Webster’s disciplinary history in Dover but did not give that information to the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission, as required by law.

Investigators want to examine years of disciplinary records related to students accused of honor code violations.

The following month, Lee was placed on a performance improvement plan, the only disciplinary action she had received in more than five years with the employer, according to her lawsuit.

ProPublica and the Asbury Park Press scoured 245 police union agreements to find sample clauses that experts say could waste taxpayer money or impede the disciplinary process.

The NFL generally waits for the legal process to play out before imposing potential disciplinary measures.

For them, the trauma of assault can be compounded by a lack of institutional support, and even disciplinary action.

But the ambiguity of  “appropriate disciplinary action” is what is so frightening about the smoking ban.

The Newport News, Virginia, school added, “Federal law prohibits us from reporting on university disciplinary actions.”

The purpose of the mid-June meeting was to discuss disciplinary action by the NFL.

In the 13 cases that did result in disciplinary action for agents, this most often meant counseling.

No trait is better marked in the normal child than the impulse to subject others to his own disciplinary system.

A strict, disciplinary master required to teach English at a preparatory school for the Army.

It is the method by which one fills a Lenten mitebox—it is disciplinary, that is, it is meant to hurt a little, and it does.

Suffering is not always punitive; it is sometimes disciplinary, designed to wean the good man from his sin.

They are rarely over-bearing in manner, but mostly use a tone which is persuasive rather than disciplinary.


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