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[ dih-skuhv-er-er ]


  1. a person who discovers.
  2. (initial capital letter) U.S. Aerospace. one of an early series of polar-orbiting reconnaissance satellites.

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Other Words From

  • predis·cover·er noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of discoverer1

1250–1300; Middle English < Old French descovreur. See discover, -er 1( def )
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Example Sentences

He spent the next 16 years, he says, sending repeated complaints to those institutions that the Sahelanthropus discoverers were violating codes of scientific conduct by not providing information about the leg bone in scientific papers or talks.

Its discoverers say it’s the first time in 104 years that anyone has turned up a new genus of tarantula in Asia.

Hearing of his cache, would-be discoverers descended, ballooning the population from 1,200 to 4,600 within a few years.

UnCruise’s planned May 16 departure on the Wilderness Discoverer out of Juneau is expected to be the first fully vaccinated cruise in the United States.

“Sometimes I feel I’m more of a discoverer than a sculptor,” says the Netherlands-raised artist, while giving a recent tour, on the Washington Monument grounds, of artwork that was unseen by everyone else who passed by.

I felt like the discoverer of a new world already fully inhabited and thriving but totally unknown to the rest of us.

The sense of randomness is often emphasized: the discoverer—likely some hardworking editor—merely stumbled upon greatness.

Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of the new world, died at Valladolid in Spain, aged about 70.

The seventh 'Reason' against the use of tobacco is, that the devil is the discoverer and suggester of smoking.

William Barlowe, died; celebrated as the discoverer of the nature and properties of the loadstone.

William Harvey, an English physician, died; celebrated as the discoverer of the circulation of the blood.

The Baron de Wentzel was the most famous oculist of the day, and the discoverer of operations for cataract.


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