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[ dis-on-er-uh-buhl ]


  1. showing lack of honor or integrity; ignoble; base; disgraceful; shameful:

    Cheating is dishonorable.

    Synonyms: false, shameless

  2. having no honor or good repute; unprincipled; disreputable:

    a dishonorable man.

    Synonyms: ignominious, scandalous, disgraceful, unscrupulous, infamous

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Other Words From

  • dis·honor·a·ble·ness noun
  • dis·honor·a·bly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dishonorable1

First recorded in 1525–35; dis- 1 + honorable

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Example Sentences

To a tragic degree, Ozark’s characters convince themselves that doing the dishonorable thing will lead to an honorable outcome.

He had witnessed Salazar acting in dishonorable ways, but, at least at first, nothing overtly illegal.

From Fortune

The Army court-martialed him, sentencing him to 30 days' confinement and a dishonorable discharge.

And not all of them revolve around white sins or a dishonorable moment.

This can lead to an other-than-honorable discharge, a bad-conduct discharge, or a dishonorable discharge.

Radicalism as such is hardly dishonorable or misguided in itself.

But it is in terms of past and future positions that what Romney-Ryan are doing really plows new and dishonorable earth.

He caught himself in the act of listening to you too credulously—and that seemed to him unmanly and dishonorable.

The incident alarmed the English government, and their contemptible and dishonorable manœuvres secured Garibaldi's departure.

I should set you no dangerous or dishonorable task, of course, Ray.

It was not like her—not even like the Marishka who had chosen to call him dishonorable.

Most of his English counsellors dissuaded him from accepting conditions so disadvantageous and dishonorable.


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