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[ dis-in-tuh-greyt ]

verb (used without object)

, dis·in·te·grat·ed, dis·in·te·grat·ing.
  1. to separate into parts or lose intactness or solidness; break up; deteriorate:

    The old book is gradually disintegrating with age.

  2. Physics.
    1. to decay.
    2. (of a nucleus) to change into one or more different nuclei after being bombarded by high-energy particles, as alpha particles or gamma rays.

verb (used with object)

, dis·in·te·grat·ed, dis·in·te·grat·ing.
  1. to reduce to particles, fragments, or parts; break up or destroy the cohesion of:

    Rocks are disintegrated by frost and rain.


/ dɪsˈɪntɪˌɡreɪt /


  1. to break or be broken into fragments or constituent parts; shatter
  2. to lose or cause to lose cohesion or unity
  3. intr to lose judgment or control; deteriorate
  4. physics
    1. to induce or undergo nuclear fission, as by bombardment with fast particles
    2. another word for decay

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Derived Forms

  • disˈinteˌgrator, noun
  • disˌinteˈgration, noun
  • disˈintegrable, adjective
  • disˈintegrative, adjective

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Other Words From

  • dis·in·te·gra·ble [dis-, in, -t, uh, -gr, uh, -b, uh, l], adjective
  • dis·inte·grative dis·in·te·gra·to·ry [dis-, in, -t, uh, -gr, uh, -tawr-ee, -tohr-ee, -grey-t, uh, -ree], adjective
  • dis·inte·grator noun
  • nondis·inte·grating adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of disintegrate1

First recorded in 1790–1800; dis- 1 + integrate

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Synonym Study

See decay.

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Example Sentences

Cassie remains fixated on Alex, contributing to her disintegrating emotional state.

From Vox

Dripping sweat post-run, I often stand holding the cup, watching the disintegrating tablet float to the surface of my cold filtered water in anticipation of that first, most satisfying hit.

It went from almost disintegrating—two months into my time at Google, my co-lead, Meg Mitchell, was going to quit.

Just the year before, a plane flown by British pilot Geoffrey de Havilland had disintegrated in the attempt.

The typical meteoroid is no larger than a grain of sand, but it travels so fast that it energizes electrons both in its own atoms as it disintegrates and in atmospheric atoms and molecules.

At this point Marvin gives his Liberty Valance smile, the kind that makes you wish you could disintegrate in front of him.

If life has left Mandela, does this mean we will disintegrate, too?

The thriving democracy conjured up by prophets of unification can quickly disintegrate into tribal war.

All of our hard work began to disintegrate in an instant, based on a decision the Marines and I had no input on whatsoever.

Do we have a plan B if the Afghan Army starts to disintegrate?

But the formation began to disintegrate as the weaker ones dropped behind, and no attempt was made to keep it.

Then the mass began to disintegrate, and savages staggered back and fell dead, or suffering from terrible wounds.

It seems that an atom of radium does actually disintegrate, and by disintegrating give out energy.

Starting toward North Carolina it continued to disintegrate, and reached the southern line of that State not over 6000 strong.

If cohesion ceased to be, then everything would fall to powder and would disintegrate.


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