[ dih-sem-uh-neyt ]
/ d瑟藞s蓻m 蓹藢ne瑟t /
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verb (used with object), dis路sem路i路nat路ed, dis路sem路i路nat路ing.
to scatter or spread widely, as though sowing seed; promulgate extensively; broadcast; disperse: to disseminate information about preventive medicine.
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Origin of disseminate

First recorded in 1595鈥1605; from Latin diss膿min膩tus (past participle of diss膿min膩re; dis- dis-1 + s膿min膩re 鈥渢o sow鈥), equivalent to dis- + s膿min- (stem of s膿men 鈥渟eed鈥) + -膩tus -ate1

OTHER WORDS FROM disseminate

dis路sem路i路na路tion [dih-sem-uh-ney-shuhn], /d瑟藢s蓻m 蓹藞ne瑟 蕛蓹n/, noundis路sem路i路na路tive, adjectivedis路sem路i路na路tor, noun
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What does聽disseminate mean?

To disseminate is to distribute, spread, broadcast, or disperse widely.

The act or process of disseminating is dissemination.

The word is especially used in reference to the distribution of information, or things that contain information, like files and documents.

It is also associated with the official release of such information by organizations, such as a company that disseminates a press release or a government agency that disseminates information to the public.

Example: Our chief media officer is responsible for disseminating press releases to various outlets.

Where does聽disseminate come from?

The first records of the word disseminate come from around 1600. It comes from the Latin verb diss膿min膩re, from s膿min膩re, 鈥渢o sow,鈥 from s膿men, 鈥渟eed.鈥

Sometimes, disseminating information is like scattering seeds in a field, with the goal being to spread it far and wide to the largest number of people possible鈥攍ike when someone sends out a company-wide email. Other times, disseminating information may involve sending it to a more select set of recipients, such as a press release that鈥檚 only provided to certain journalists or news organizations. Sometimes, it happens in a much less organized way, such as on the internet, where the dissemination of information (and misinformation) is rapid and often unpredictable.

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How is聽disseminate used in real life?

Disseminate is most commonly used in discussion of the purposeful spread of information.



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A. disperse
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C. circulate
D. conceal

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British Dictionary definitions for disseminate

/ (d瑟藞s蓻m瑟藢ne瑟t) /

(tr) to distribute or scatter about; diffuse

Derived forms of disseminate

dissemination, noundisseminative, adjectivedisseminator, noun

Word Origin for disseminate

C17: from Latin diss膿min膩re, from dis- 1 + s膿min膩re to sow, from s膿men seed
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