[dis-i-duh nt]


a person who dissents.


disagreeing or dissenting, as in opinion or attitude: a ban on dissident magazines.

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Origin of dissident

1525–35; < Latin dissident- (stem of dissidēns, present participle of dissidēre to sit apart), equivalent to dis- dis-1 + -sid- (combining form of sed- repair1) + -ent- -ent

Related formsdis·si·dent·ly, adverban·ti·dis·si·dent, noun, adjectivenon·dis·si·dent, adjective, noun

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disagreeing; dissenting


a person who disagrees, esp one who disagrees with the government
Derived Formsdissidence, noundissidently, adverb

Word Origin for dissident

C16: from Latin dissidēre to be remote from, from dis- 1 + sedēre to sit

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