[ dih-soh-shee-uh-buhl, -shuh-buhl or, for 1, -see-uh- ]
/ dɪˈsoʊ ʃi ə bəl, -ʃə bəl or, for 1, -si ə- /


capable of being dissociated; separable: Worthy and unworthy motives are often not dissociable.
not sociable; unsociable.
incongruous; not reconcilable.

Origin of dissociable

1595–1605; <Latin dissociābilis, equivalent to dis-dis-1 + sociābilissociable

OTHER WORDS FROM dissociable

dis·so·ci·a·bil·i·ty, dis·so·ci·a·ble·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for dissociable

/ (dɪˈsəʊʃɪəbəl, -ʃə-) /


able to be dissociated; distinguishable
incongruous; irreconcilable
Also: dissocial (dɪˈsəʊʃəl) a less common word for unsociable

Derived forms of dissociable

dissociability or dissociableness, noundissociably, adverb
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