[ dits ]
/ dɪts /


Slang. airhead2.

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Origin of ditz

First recorded in 1980–85; back formation from ditzy

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Examples from the Web for ditz

  • The youngest of the Kennedy brothers, he treated her like a zany older sister—something of a ditz and a mischievous devil.

    Camelot's Last Lady|Jerry Oppenheimer|August 26, 2009|DAILY BEAST
  • Even Ditz condescended to show his dexterity, as a juggler, with empty bottles.

    The Duel|A. I. Kuprin
  • Let my sisters ride in your carriage, otherwise Ditz will come and force his society on them—a thing I would prevent at any price.

    The Duel|A. I. Kuprin
  • Yes, it is easier to lose a thing now than to find it, interposed Ditz, with a cynical laugh.

    The Duel|A. I. Kuprin

British Dictionary definitions for ditz


/ (dɪts) /


slang, mainly US a silly scatterbrained person

Word Origin for ditz

C20: back-formation from ditzy

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