[ dih-van, -vahn or, especially for 1, dahy-van ]
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  1. a sofa or couch, usually without arms or back, often usable as a bed.

  2. a long, cushioned seat, usually without arms or back, placed against a wall, as in Asian countries.

  1. a council of state in Turkey and other countries of the Middle East.

  2. any council, committee, or commission.

  3. (in the Middle East)

    • a council chamber, judgment hall, audience chamber, or bureau of state.

    • a large building used for some official or public purpose, as a custom house.

  4. a smoking room, as in connection with a tobacco shop.

  5. a collection of poems, especially a collection in Arabic or Persian of poems by one poet.

Origin of divan

First recorded in 1580–90; from Ottoman Turkish dīvān “state council,” from Arabic dīwān, from Persian dīwān, originally dēvan “booklet” (whence “account book, archive, office, council, bench”)

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[ dih-van ]

  1. (especially of chicken or turkey breast) sliced and baked in a casserole with broccoli and hollandaise sauce.

Origin of divan

First recorded in 1935–40; named after its place of origin, the Divan Parisienne Restaurant, in the Chatham Hotel, Manhattan, New York; see divine

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How to use divan in a sentence

  • Monte Irvin, very pale and haggard, sat upon the divan beside Quentin Gray.

    Dope | Sax Rohmer
  • The present Great Mogul has so little taste, that he has had this divan divided into two parts by a very paltry partition wall.

  • The rich old piano and Maud's guitar occupied one corner, and a low, velvet divan the other, on each side of the mantel.

British Dictionary definitions for divan


/ (dɪˈvæn) /

    • a backless sofa or couch, designed to be set against a wall

    • a bed resembling such a couch

  1. (esp formerly) a room for smoking and drinking, as in a coffee shop

    • a Muslim law court, council chamber, or counting house

    • a Muslim council of state

  1. a collection of poems

  2. (in Muslim law) an account book

Origin of divan

C16: from Turkish dīvān, from Persian dīwān
  • Also called (for senses 2–5): diwan

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