[dih-vur-juh nt, dahy-]


diverging; differing; deviating.
pertaining to or causing divergence.
(of a mathematical expression) having no finite limits.

Origin of divergent

First recorded in 1690–1700, divergent is from the Medieval Latin word dīvergent- (stem of dīvergēns, present participle of dīvergere). See diverge, -ent
Related formsdi·ver·gent·ly, adverbnon·di·ver·gent, adjectivenon·di·ver·gent·ly, adverbun·di·ver·gent, adjectiveun·di·ver·gent·ly, adverb
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Historical Examples of divergent

  • That the habits of the Judge and the drummer were divergent made it all the more annoying.

    Mixed Faces

    Roy Norton

  • Burr could get no help from any of the divergent parties he had attempted to gain.

  • But this traveling on divergent lines could not but have its effect upon them.

    The Faith Doctor

    Edward Eggleston

  • The results are so divergent on this point that it is best not to adopt any standard at present.

  • It consists merely in divergent specialization from a general center.

    Expository Writing

    Mervin James Curl

British Dictionary definitions for divergent



diverging or causing divergence
(of opinions, interests, etc) different
maths (of a series) having no limit; not convergent
botany (of plant organs) farther apart at their tops than at their bases
Derived Formsdivergently, adverb


The use of divergent to mean different as in they hold widely divergent views is considered by some people to be incorrect
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Word Origin and History for divergent

1690s, from Modern Latin divergentem (nominative divergens), present participle of divergere (see diverge). Related: Divergently.

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