[ dih-vur-juhnt, dahy- ]
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  1. diverging; differing; deviating.

  2. pertaining to or causing divergence.

  1. (of a mathematical expression) having no finite limits.

Origin of divergent

First recorded in 1690–1700, divergent is from the Medieval Latin word dīvergent- (stem of dīvergēns, present participle of dīvergere). See diverge, -ent

Other words from divergent

  • di·ver·gent·ly, adverb
  • non·di·ver·gent, adjective
  • non·di·ver·gent·ly, adverb
  • un·di·ver·gent, adjective
  • un·di·ver·gent·ly, adverb

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How to use divergent in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for divergent


/ (daɪˈvɜːdʒənt) /

  1. diverging or causing divergence

  2. (of opinions, interests, etc) different

  1. maths (of a series) having no limit; not convergent

  2. botany (of plant organs) farther apart at their tops than at their bases

usage For divergent

The use of divergent to mean different as in they hold widely divergent views is considered by some people to be incorrect

Derived forms of divergent

  • divergently, adverb

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